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At Impeccable Image Detailing, we offer Ceramic Coatings for better-than-new protection! Vehicles see a lot of tough use and abuse in the real world. The finish is susceptible to all kinds of environmental and operational damage. Our Ceramic Coating offerings provide a super-tough layer of protection that really does provide better-than-new protection.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

A Ceramic Coating acts as a shield against everyday wear like water spots, bird droppings, and bug residue. The Ceramic Coating causes water to bead up and roll off, allowing for easier cleaning and protection to your vehicle.

Professionally installed Ceramic Coatings form an ultra-hard surface that holds up better than any other conventional surface protectant like wax. Ceramic Coatings last for years without any major maintenance, except for periodic cleaning to keep it looking its best.

Many advantages of Ceramic Coatings:


Your vehicle will be easier to clean


It's cost effective


Ceramic Coatings repel mud, dirt and water


Incredible shine and gloss


No more waxing


An extra layer of hardened protection

Ceramic Coating Process

Professionally installed Ceramic Coatings form an ultra-hard glossy surface that holds up better than any other conventional surface protectant like waxes or sealants. Your vehicle gets a thorough wash, clay bar treatment and chemical decontamination to remove all embedded contaminants from your paint. After your vehicle is properly prepped and decontaminated we polish the paint to remove swirls and scratches to restore a lustrous finish. We then apply the Ceramic Coating on the vehicle to encapsulate, preserve and protect your paint. Trust our professionals for a job well done.

STEP 1: Surface layer of factory paint is damaged and contaminated.

STEP 2: We decontaminate and polish paint to produce a smooth and even surface.

STEP 3: Thickness to paint is restored with Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Coating Packages

A top-tier offering at our location will create a solid level of protection to the paintwork and other surfaces of your vehicle. With an average lifespan that can last up to five years, you’ll be able to depend on it to keep your car looking amazing, freeing up your time from having to constantly clean your vehicle.

Paint Correction Packages

Paint Correction, also known as Paint Polishing, removes the imperfections in a vehicle’s finish and restores it to a better-than-new finish. Using a random orbital polisher, various polishing pads, and custom engineered cutting and polishing abrasives, Impeccable Image Detailing will safely level the clear coat of a vehicle’s paint until the scratches are removed or significantly reduced.

Before Paint Correction

Before Paint Correction

After Paint Correction

After Paint Correction


Undrdog Pro (30ml and 60ml) is our pro-grade, single layer coating solution based on Polytetrafluoroethylene – (C2F4)n, Silicon and Paraffin. It might sound like a mouthful, but rest assured that these compounds together are what’s making Undrdog Pro better, cleaner and stronger. This is what makes Undrdog Pro the new leading choice amongst the country’s best professional detailers.

Each one of these three main ingredients are incredibly resistant to chemicals, UV rays from the Sun, oxidizers, external contaminants, heat and water spots (something ceramic coatings have trouble contending with). However, combined together in Undrdog Pro, these three ingredients create the trifecta of awesomeness: durability, performance and value.

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